The Path of Redemption

A moment of laxity
Spawns a lifetime of Heresy
Never forgive, Never Forget

This is a Space Marine campaign based on the Deathwatch rulebook. You will take the place of a Holy marine from the mysterious Dark Angels first chapter, “The Deathwing”, who have unexpectedly just emerged from the warp and blockaded a planet in the Jerico Reach.

Your story will start with the assualt of the planet Tabius Rasa to reclaim it in the name of The Emperor and the Dark Angels and perhaps…. lead to a path of redemption.

Please view the wiki for background reading. This will help you to gain an understanding of the motivations of the Dark Angels and how they operate. The campaign will use the standard deathwatch core rulebook and any relevant expansion books with prior approval.

Once you have read the background information head on over and create your character. You will all start as first level marines with crux terminatus honours.

Path of Redemption